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Jonas' Turkey Roll Up
(Eat, Drink and Be Merry, page 82)

At the time of this writing my son requests this be packed for school almost every day.  The best part is it is simple and can be done in only a few minutes.  If my son ever gets out of his rut, he'll realize how versatile this can be too: proscuitto or roast beef can be substituted for the turkey.  For a veggie option omit turkey and add shredded cheese and grated veggies such as carrots and bell pepper. I usually make one whole lavosh roll up for the day - half for my son's lunchbox and half for my daughter's on-the-go snack.

Makes 1 roll; 2 servings

1 piece lavosh (about 13 x 9 inches)
2 ounces organic Neufchatel cheese or cream cheese
2 ounces thinly sliced organic cooked turkey

Spread lavosh with layer of cheese.  Layer turkey in a single layer on cheese.

Starting from narrow side, roll lavosh until you reach the end.  You may want to add a small spread of cream cheese to secure roll.  Using a sharp knife, make a quick cut in the center of roll.  Cut each half in half again.  Then cut each quarter in half, so you have 8 pieces.

Kids Korner
Need more glue? My son likes these rolled tightly and packed in his bento style container. He likes to be sure I spread enough "glue" aka cream cheese, to keep them from together without unraveling.
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*Eat, Drink and Be Merry